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Art Rack (stainless steel)
(stainless steel)
Bathtub spout (darkened bronze)
Billiards Table Light (bronze & stainless)
Book Shelf (darkened bronze)
Cable Railing (stainless steel)
Celiling Panels (
stainless mesh)
Coffee Table (brass)
Columns (
stainless mesh)
Deck Support (galvanized steel)
Dining Table (darkened bronze)
Dining Table (painted steel)
Dining Table (tortoise-shell patina)
Display Case (brushed steel)
Door Pull (retractable)
Door Pull (screen)
Fireplace (darkened bronze)
Fireplace Doors (darkened bronze)
Flagpole Base (galvanized steel)
Gate Latch (custom lock)
Gate Hinge (bearing bronze)
Glass Art Mounts (stainless steel)
Glass Mounts (stainless steel)
Hotel Canopy (stainless steel)
Kitchen Basket (stainless steel)
Knife (stainless steel)
Light Fixture (amber glass)
Light Fixture (blue glass)
Light Fixture (orange glass)
Lighted Makeup Mirror (nickel plated)
Mirror (bathroom)
Movie Prop (elevator)
Planter (copper/bronze)
Presentation Box (titanium )
Railing (blackened steel)
Railing (brushed stainless steel)
Rolling Doors (bronze)
Shoji Screens (paper & aluminum)

Shoji Screen Studio (paper & aluminum)
Shower (stainless / glass)
Sink (brass)
Sink (convertible)
Table (round/folding)
Theatre Prop ("The Producers")
Umbrella Stand (weathered copper)
Urn (hammered silver & bronze)
Wine Rack (darkened bronze)

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